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Traidhos Artist Residency, Thailand

In June 2016 Helen undertook the Traidhos artist residency program in Mae Rim, Thailand. Her research focused on the ‘slash and burn’ agriculture tradition which is used in local ethnic hill tribe communities who are, for a number of reasons, now subject to greater government intervention. In the installation ‘Rice Paddies’ she communicated the effect of the ‘slash and burn’ process on the soil, in the Mae Rim area. This agriculture process is being used far too frequently and as a result the soil is becoming more and more damaged overtime. The cloth is printed using the rust printing process using rusty object found whilst walking in the local fields. Shapes have been cut to resemble the compositions of rice paddies. Both soil and thai rice sourced from the local farms have been added into the ‘fields’ to tie the idea back to the land and the crops which are grown in the area.

Rice Paddies. Rust, Cloth, Thai Rice, Soil. 1 x 1.5m.
Traidhos Artist Residency, Mae Rim, Thailand. May 2015.